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The basic rules of nutrition


So many people are still looking for the best diet to help them accomplish their fitness goals, unfortunately this is not possible. There´s not a single diet that will give everyone of us the best results.

Instead of looking for the best diet to lose weight we need to think about what are the basic rules of nutrition that apply to everyone or almost everyone and from there adjust them to fit our lifestyle and goals.

As we´ve mentioned on our first post there are certain essential proteins called amino-acids and certain essential fats called fatty-acids that we need to give our body through food, but there are no essential carbohydrates, the only reason we need carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits may be for micronutrients which are vitamins, minerals and fiber but we can also get these micronutrients from other foods which is the reason why carnivores claim you can only consume meat and animal products and be completely fine.

Our body, our cells, our brain need energy and certain nutrients to keep everything working and functioning properly. A healthy diet needs to focus on giving your body this essential proteins and fats, the vitamins and minerals, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics so that everything is functioning properly and it also needs to avoid unhealthy foods as much as possible. All this nutrients come from meats, fatty fish, whole eggs, nuts, seeds, yogurt, fruits and vegetables.

We also need to consider energy, our body needs energy, our brain needs energy and we can´t deny the fact that healthy fats are a better source of energy that our cells, our brain and our entire body can use more efficiently. 1 gram of fat contain 9 calories compared to 4 calories in one gram of carbs, and our body, our brain and our cells can use healthy fats as a more efficient fuel compared to carbs or glucose. For this to happen you need to be fat adapted and have a flexible metabolism which is how our body is supposed to work.

So many people focus a lot on what they need to eat but they don´t eliminate unhealthy foods, those unhealthy foods create inflammation and stress on our body so you can eat all the healthy foods you want but if you keep eating unhealthy foods you won´t get any benefits. The foods you need to avoid are the ones that contain highly refined sugars, flours (except nut flours), seed oils and trans fats.

We can´t deny the fact that eating unhealthy foods is damaging our body, if you´re struggling with your weight, if you´ve tried to lose weight and fail the reason is simple, you´re not giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly and all the unhealthy food you´ve been eating created damage on your metabolism and hormones this is why you feel tired all the time and your body hurts, this is why you can´t stop eating. When you give your body the nutrients it needs and you stop eating unhealthy foods your body starts to fix and repair all the problems so you start feeling better, with more energy and motivation, you are able to eat less, cravings disappear and this is when your weight loss starts getting easier and easier.

The easiest way to start improving your diet is by swapping unhealthy foods for healthy ones, instead of having a bowl of cereal and juice or a bagel or sandwich change it for scrambled or fried eggs on coconut, olive oil or butter, if you don´t have time to cook you can have natural Greek yogurt low in carbs with some chia seeds; instead of having a kit kat bar or any other candy for a snack have some pecans, almonds or pumpkin seeds.

It all starts with what our body needs to perform at its max every day and find healthy foods that can supply our body with those requirements and also that we enjoy. Any diet needs to be sustainable so finding foods that we also enjoy eating and that makes us feel satisfied is key. Once you have this under control you have more freedom to enjoy your favorite meals, snacks and desserts every now and then.

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Is it good to eat right before going to bed?


Many people like to eat right before going to bed, but what the impact?

It doesn´t matter if you´re following a time restrictive eating protocol where you skip breakfast and have lunch and dinner or if you have the normal 3 meals per day being breakfast, lunch and dinner, some of us like to eat before going to bed, but this may not be the best option.

Having a big meal will make us feel tired because our body sends all the energy to digest the food we´ve just ate, this is why we find it easier to fall asleep after a huge meal, some people like to have a huge dinner before going to bed because they know they feel tired and find it easier to fall asleep, this is why some people feel like taking a nap also after a huge meal.

Even when it´s easier to fall asleep this does not means it´s a great option. When we go to sleep we want to make sure that our body is able to do all the jobs it needs to do while we´re sleeping, it needs to delete information, store important information in other parts of the brain, it needs to get rid of toxins, it needs to build, repair, recover, grow and make sure that we´re ready for the next day. If we eat a big meal right before going to bed our body will be working on digesting all that food and it won´t be doing what it´s supposed to do.

There´s no reason to have a huge meal before going to bed, we´re not going to be exercising or doing any physical activity so we don´t need that much food.

Some of us like to have a huge meal before bed and we don´t think about what we´re eating, so many of us have problems with digestion, some foods make us feel constipated, bloated, acid reflux, etc; all this cause a lot more problems and makes it harder for our body to digest the food plus it will take it more time which disrupts our sleep.

So many people recommend that we have the last meal 3 hours before going to bed, and this makes sense, in those 3 hours we´re giving our body time to digest all that food so that when we go to bed our body can do what it´s supposed to do. You can make that last meal of your day a big meal and make it higher in carbohydrates, it´s better to eat carbs at night because of hormones like cortisol, insulin and growth hormone, this way you´ll feel satisfied and you´ll still find it easier to fall asleep.

What you eat on that last meal has a huge impact on the quality of your sleep, even when you can have carbohydrates and protein, keeping that meal a little lower on fats may be beneficial and the most important point to consider is to be aware of foods that can cause problems, foods that make you feel bloated, constipated, etc; this creates inflammation and stress on our body and it takes more time to your body to digest. We do need to consider this on all of our meals and avoid foods that cause any problem, even if those foods are consider healthy, but even more on our last meal. You can have a big meal 3 hours before going to bed just make sure your food choices don´t cause any problem.

If you do need to eat before bed because of your busy day and schedule just make sure that it´s not a big meal, and make sure your meal doesn´t create any digestive problem, for this you need to be aware of what foods cause problems and avoid them so that you can have a small or medium meal before bed and you don´t go to bed hungry.

You need to find out what works best for you according to your day, if you can eat 3 hours before going to bed that´s ideal, you can still have a relatively big meal and give your body enough time to digest, if you can´t then it´s better to go for a small meal. In both cases make sure that your meal does not cause any digestive problem so that when you go to bed your body can work on what´s important at that time.

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How to maintain a lean physique


One thing is to lose weight, another is to keep that weight off and maintain a lean physique.

If you´re trying to lose weight or you´ve been trying for several times let me ask you something, what´s your real goal? Just to lose weight and not care about what happens next? Or do you want to lose weight, keep it off, maintain your results and maintain a lean physique? You´ve probably want the last one so that you can stop worrying about your weight, your health and you can enjoy life.

If you follow the right weight loss program you don´t need to worry about losing weight, plateauing or keeping the weight off, even when the beginning is hard because of the changes you need to make once you get comfortable with is you´ll see that it´s really simple and easy to lose weight and keep it off and you also have the freedom to enjoy life as you´ve never done before.

The reason why most programs don´t work and you don´t get the results or is impossible to keep those results if because they focus on the most common advice “eat less – move more”, they want to give you results as fast as possible without considering your health just so that you keep buying the products, memberships, etc. When a program focuses on calories they´re neglecting the most important factor related to weight gain or weight loss, hormones and metabolism. The reason why you gain weight, you´re obese or overweight is because your hormones and metabolism are not working efficiently and this is the reason why you find it really hard to lose weight and keep it off. Most weight loss programs make more harm and damage to your hormones and metabolism which cause plateaus (you stop losing weight), you regain all the weight and leads to yo-yo dieting and eating disorders.

To lose weight, keep it off and maintain a lean physique you need to focus on improving hormones and metabolism, if they are working properly it will be easier for you to lose weight, to keep it off and to maintain a lean physique unfortunately most programs ignore this. To improve your hormones and metabolism you need to focus on your diet, exercise is important and you do need to increase physical activity throughout the day and do resistance exercise but alone won´t improve hormones and metabolism as diet does.

For your diet you need to consider what you eat and when you eat, this two play an important role, if you eat 5 or 6 times a day, if you have 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and you have snacks in between because you feel you need them to give you the energy you need to keep going, or you feel dizzy, tired, low mood, etc; then it´s clear that your hormones and metabolism are not working properly. First you need to write down everything you eat, I know this is tedious and boring and sometimes hard to do but set it as a challenge, take one week, and write everything you eat, include all your meals and snacks, everything you drink even coffee and water, write that snickers bar or apple, that coke, everything. The next week try to be aware of why you´re eating, especially the snacks, every time you catch yourself eating that snickers bar or that can of coke, or a donut or any other snack ask yourself why you´re doing, are you really hunger? Is it because you´re anxious or stressed? Is it because you´re bored? Or just because of habit?

Then you´ll start swapping unhealthy options for healthy ones, you can start with breakfast, if for breakfast you have a bowl of cereal with milk, orange juice, coffee, or you have some bagels with jam or a sandwich swap it for some scramble or fried eggs with one or 2 slices of bacon. During this first weeks you don´t need to schedule any time to exercise, just focus on improving your diet and take short walks when you can especially right after big meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

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How to cope with stress at work and school


Unfortunately stress is part of our days and life, most of us live with chronic stress and think it´s normal, we think that´s how we´re supposed to live because when we were growing up that´s what we saw, but this is not true.

Stress is the leading cause of many diseases, or at least it makes everything worse, many visits to the doctor are because of stress. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep we go through many different situations that increase stress, getting up late, being stuck in traffic, going to a place we don´t feel comfortable whether it´s school or our job, working with people we don´t trust and don´t feel comfortable, listening to everything we do wrong whether it´s from our teachers or boss, worrying about everything we need to get done and we don´t have enough time, worrying about how are we going to pay bills, etc.

With all this going on we need to find ways that help us cope with the stress at work or school since we spend a lot of time there, here are some actions you can take:

1.- First you need to know where the stress come from, is there a specific person that makes you feel stressed for whatever reason? Is there a specific moment or situation that makes you feel stressed?

2.- Then you need to be aware of how you respond to that person or that situation and how you feel afterwards. Most of us react in a wrong way like shouting, screaming, we´re rude, disrespectful, we react in a very aggressive way and this only makes us feel worse.

3.- Use strategies or tools that help you remain calm. When you´re under a stressful situation or with a person that increases your stress the best option is to remain calm, for this you need to be aware of your emotions and thoughts and the moment you start feeling anxious or stressed take some deep slow breathes and focus on how everything starts to calm down.

4.- Once you´re calm think about the best way to respond without making the issue worse, if you don´t have to respond or give any answer then do nothing, just stay calm.

5.- Learn to say no and set your limits.- If you don´t set limits then other people will start giving you more work to do whether it´s at school or your job, be aware of how much you can handle and what are your priorities, if you know you can´t handle more work just say no.

6.- Concentrate on one thing at a time.- Many of us try to multitask with the idea to finish more in a short period of time, but this lead to bad results, concentrate on just one thing at a time and give all your attention, this way you´ll actually finish that activity faster and with better results.

7.- Stay away from stressful situations.- Most of us know who are the ones that create conflict and stressful situation at school and work and there are times and moments when we can stay away from them, when this is possible make sure to stay away from this people.

Avoiding stress at all cost is always the best option, but it´s impossible we´re all going to face some bad situations every day. If you´re working in a place where you don´t feel comfortable, where your classmates or coworkers only make fun of you and do their best to bring you down then it will be better to find another job or change school especially if your teachers or boss don´t care about the situation but it´s really hard for most of us to do this so the best option is to find ways to reduce stress.

The 7 points here are really helpful to reduce stress, if you can only focus on one then trying to stay away from people who create conflict then do this as much as possible, the farther away you can stay from them the better. When this is impossible then focus on remaining calm, control your emotions and thoughts and don´t let any outside negativity take control of you.

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The importance of being clear on your why


So many people want to lose weight and are trying to lose weight, you may have tried it more than once and probably you´ve failed. It´s not completely your fault, there are some things you need to consider so that you are able to achieve your goal and maintain your results.

If you´re struggling with your weight and if you´ve followed weight loss program and failed do not blame yourself, there are so many things going on in life that lead you to this point. If you have mental problems like depression, anxiety, if you´re stressed because your teacher and classmates make fun of you, you don´t feel safe and comfortable, your boss and coworkers do not value your work, you´re going through a hard time, etc. all this takes your hormones and systems out of balance and this not only makes it harder for you to lose weight, but it even blocks your results and cause weight gain. If you use food to cope with all the negativity of life whether it´s situations or people you probably eat unhealthy foods loaded with chemicals and ingredients that make you feel good and create addiction this is why you can´t stop eating them. All this creates a negative cycle that will be hard to avoid, and this is why you need a strong reason why you want to change.

You first need to make the decision and commitment to do what you need to do to lose weight and keep it off, the moment you start taking the right actions your mind will fight back because it wants to stay in that comfortable place but if you let your mind, if you let all your thoughts and excuses win then you´ll stay where you are in the best situation but with time everything will get worse, you´ll never be able to follow a good weight loss program that helps you fix all your health problems including hormones and metabolism which are key to make your weight loss journey enjoyable and you´ll keep gaining weight.

There are 2 reasons why most people want to lose weight, one is because of insecurities they don´t like the way they look and feel, they don´t have confidence, they feel like a burden to their family and friends, people make fun of them and the other one is because of health issues whether they got diagnosed with a diseases or they´re in the limit of something going really wrong and they need to lose weight before something really bad happens or someone they loved and care about got diagnosed with some disease or passed away and this was their wake up call.

Losing weight is simple, but not easy. You´ll need to make some sacrifices and put in the hard work every day, this does not means you´ll be eating plain rice, broccoli and chicken every day and you don´t need to spend hours exercising but you still need to put the effort in. This is when your why comes into place. Do you want to have a family? Do you want to get married? Do you want to see your children grow and graduate? Do you want to spend time with all your family and friends? With the people you love and care about? Do you want to help those around you?

What is it that really moves you emotionally? Your goal and the reason why you want to achieve your goal needs to be a lot more stronger and need to moves you emotionally in a positive way so that when you´re going through the hard moments, when you want to give up on your workout you can bring those images to your mind and they give you the motivation you need to keep working hard.

Sometimes it´s not only about you, when it comes to health you need to be selfish and take some time to work on yourself, but the positive impact and benefit is not only for you, you´ll be able to inspire the ones close to you and you´ll be there ready to help.

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It´s not about a diet to lose weight


When it comes to nutrition or diet our interest is not on finding the best diet to lose weight, keeping that weight off is also part of the goal and more importantly improving and maintaining optimal health.

In most cases, although I could clearly say that always, a diet that focuses on improving your health and maintaining optimal health will help you lose weight and keep it off or gain muscle mass, a diet that focuses on health makes it easier for you to achieve any fitness goal while giving you the freedom to have your favorite meals every now and then or you find ways to make healthier and delicious versions of those meals, snacks or desserts and you can enjoy them every week.

Our weight is a result of our health so the moment you decide to take care of yourself and improve your health you´ll start losing weight, weight loss is not as simple as calories in & calories out, your metabolism, your hormones, your cells all play an important role on your weight they actually determine if you burn fat or if you store fat.

If you´re obese, overweight or if you´ve struggling with your weight, if you find it really hard to lose weight and keeping off the reason why all this is happening is simple, most programs only focus on calories and exercise, they make you eat less and move more without considering hormones and metabolism which are the ones blocking your results and this programs make more damage to your body which is why every time it gets even more harder to lose just a couple pounds and keep them off.

We´re not looking for a diet to lose weight, we´re looking for a diet that fix your hormones and metabolism, a diet that improves your health and this will lead to weight loss and will make it really simple to keep that weight off. For this, what you eat and when you eat matters, your body needs certain nutrients and there are foods that cause a lot of problems to your health, you know there are certain foods you need to avoid because they´re unhealthy, but you don´t know exactly which foods or ingredients to avoid and why.

The first step is to avoid foods and ingredients that cause damage and disruption to your body, this ingredients and foods are highly refined sugars, vegetable or seed oils, trans fats and flours (with the exception of nut flours like almond and coconut flour). This ingredients are the ones creating damage to your hormones and metabolism, the problem is that this ingredients are found in almost all processed and fast foods although there are some companies creating healthy products that don´t contain any of this ingredients so the next time you go grocery shopping you need to read labels and avoid products that contain all this unhealthy ingredients.

The second step is to follow a low carbohydrate diet, we´ve been eating a lot of unhealthy foods for a long time so the first weeks or months you need to follow a more strict plan to fix all the problems going on in your body, for this you need to lower carbohydrates, following a keto diet for a period of time will be beneficial but if you don´t want to go keto then lower your carbs, even the healthy ones.

The last step is time restrictive eating, we´ve been taught that we need to eat every 2 or 3 hours, we need to have three big meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks in between, this is a lie. Our body is able to use stored fat as energy but with all the myths and lies we´ve made our body rely on carbs and sugars for energy so we need to bring it back to relying on fat and having a flexible metabolism. We don´t need to eat every 2 or 3 hours, we don´t need to spike insulin every 2 or 3 hours, by having 2 or 3 meals a day in a 6 to 8 hours window you give time to your body to fix all the problems.

This might seem like a lot and at the beginning it is so take it one step at a time by following this 3 steps you´ll improve your health and find it really easy to lose weight and keep it off.

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Sleep disorders


Some of us don´t give sleep the importance it deserve, we have a lot of things to do and we love doing them that we don´t want to go to sleep, we´re so inspired and motivated by our work that someone needs to stop us, others don´t sleep enough because they need to finish their work even when they hate what they do and there are some others that can get 8 hours of sleep every night, they go to bed early but can´t fall asleep.

If you are in the last group you may have a sleep disorder and it´s the reason why you can´t fall asleep or you wake up at night, here are some of the most common sleep disorders:

1.- Insomnia.- When we have trouble to fall asleep or we wake up frequently during the night and when we wake up we don´t feel rested we feel like we didn´t get enough sleep, this can be caused by stress, jet lag, illness.

2.- Sleep apnea.- Here the regular pattern of breathing while we are sleep gets interrupted for short periods of time because the airway gets blocked.

3.- Nightmares.- This one is when our dreams are scary and we get frightened and fearful so we wake up, if this happens every once in a while is normal but when it´s constant it can be caused by stress, anxiety or worries.

4.- Shift work.- Working at night goes against the internal clock of the body and it´s harder to stay alert and productive during work time and we may have trouble to get 7 – 8 hours of sleep during day. Blocking all light and noises during our sleep time is key to help us get as much sleep as we can. Some people doing shift work like to spend some time of the day doing stuff they like or need to do and many of them don´t get enough sleep so for them is really important to get the recommended 7 to 8 hours.

5.- Restless legs syndrome.- If we feel the urge to move our legs at night while we are sleeping we may suffer from RLS, one of the causes is low levels of iron but there can be more.

We all suffer from sleep disorders from time to time, if we´re dealing with a very stressful situation, if we´ve been traveling a lot, if we are worried, it´s normal to have some nights of poor sleep every once in a while but when this is consistent then we need to do something.

There are different treatments for sleep disorders, some of them will be more beneficial than others and as with any other treatment you will get results fast, at least the symptoms will lower but almost all sleep disorders can be improved by making some changes to our lifestyle that start with making better choices, being more active during the day, especially in the morning, reducing stress and following a healthy nutrition program will improve the quality of sleep.

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Can you work on different goals at the same time?


Have you ever tried to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time? Or to lose weight and get stronger? In most cases working on 2 or more goals at the same time is not possible, especially if you want to see results fast.

When someone is starting their fitness journey it´s possible to lose fat while gaining some muscle especially if they have a lot of fat to lose. When someone starts exercising especially lifting weights it´s really easy to gain muscle, you may have heard of this as the “newby gains”, this is why someone who is skinny or don´t have too much fat lose may get better results if they focus on gaining muscle first while staying at the same body fat and then lose fat.

As people get more advanced in the gym, the more time they have training it get´s harder to gain muscle and it gets harder to work on 2 different goals at the same time especially if they´re opposing.

There are some strategies you can use on your programs that will lead to improvements in different areas, for example if you focus on strength on getting stronger on compound and bodyweight exercises speed and power increases without you working on exercises or activities to improve speed or power in particular.

Lifting weights it doesn´t matter if it´s for strength or hypertrophy will increase your heart rate if done correctly which is another reason to prioritize resistance training over cadio exercise.

If you´re starting your fitness journey you will get results it doesn´t matter what you do and you will improve in different areas at the same time, when you first start lifting weights it´s easy to gain muscle mass while losing body fat all this with low volume and frequency so when you´re starting, the goal is to find out the what´s the less you can do and get results because as you get more advanced you´ll need to increase volume, frequency and start using different techniques and finding ways to keep getting results.

Regarding cardio the same applies, if you focus on HIIT so many aspects of your health and performance improve, if you focus on steady state cardio in almost all cases your endurance improves but you may plateau if you´re not progressing on the exercise, with steady state cardio it gets harder to increase the challenge, you need to increase the time of the session or the intensity and the return is not as huge as with HIIT. HIIT take a lot less time to complete and there are different options to keep the workout challenging, with just a couple of minutes of HIIT per week your performance improves and your health also improves.

If you´re starting your fitness journey use the first months and year wisely because that´s when you can get amazing results on different fitness goals, but you´ll get to a point where this is not possible, when you get to this point you need to find strategies that help you improve on other areas without focusing on them, one of them is working on strength as we mentioned before.

Always concentrate on one single goal at a time and leave the rest as an added bonus, always set a goal and figure out what´s the best strategy that will give you the best results, that will move you toward your goal faster, some times those strategies or activities require a lot more work and effort but if you think about investment and progress or results then it´s better to invest time and effort to work hard on the activities and strategies that are going to give you the best results than to waste time and effort doing stuff that won´t move you forward fast enough or maybe the progress is really small.

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An easy way to reduce stress


Life is hard and stressful; we all face stressful situations on a daily basis we all live with high levels of stress and think is normal. Even when we´re all exposed to stressful situations we can decide if we live stressed out or not.

Positivity has been raising over the last months and years, I see a lot of people with a positive attitude always talking about how amazing life is even when everything is falling apart, when we´re living on chaos and by being positive what they´re doing is hiding or ignoring all the uncertainty, all the fear, the pain, failure and struggle, all the stress that we all experience in life.

We can´t deny that we all go through amazing moments just as we all go through hard and tough times, it´s inevitable. It´s in this tough and stressful times that we can decide how much we will let those moments affect our day and life.

There are certain actions you can take to make sure that daily stress does not affect how you feel and do not affect your day and life. These 2 actions have to do with you, focusing on what you can do regardless of what´s going on around you.

1.- Focus on what you can control.- There are so many things going on every moment of every day and in most cases we don´t have control over what´s going on, we don´t have control of the situation, in this case the only thing you can control is how you respond or react here is where point 2 comes into play. If you do have control over what´s going on meaning there´s something you can do to improve the situation then remain as calm as possible so that you can think clearly and come with the best solution, then take action.

2.- Control your thoughts and emotions.- It all starts by being calm and living in the present. Most of the times when something goes wrong our when we´re on uncertainty our brain starts creating all kind of negative results and scenarios, it´s great at focusing on the worst outcome and this only increases anxiety and stress. By remaining calm you are able to think clearly and concentrate on what´s actually going on right now without creating future negative scenarios that may not even happen. Being able to remain calm or calm yourself gives you the opportunity to step back, take some time and analyze everything that is going on and think clearly. Sometimes you don´t need to take action, doing nothing is actually the best you can do.

Controlling your thoughts and emotions is the hardest step you can do but will improve your life dramatically in all areas, it requires self-awareness, knowing your body, being aware of how you feel when you are in a calm and relax state and how you feel when you´re anxious or stressed or when you react to something or someone.

Most of the time we suffer a lot more thanks to our mind, it´s amazing at creating negative scenarios for every situation all these unreal thoughts create fear, anxiety and stress. Most of us let our mind wander whether on the past or the future instead of concentrating on the present. We must accept the past, take what we can learn from it and let it go, this doesn´t mean that you need to forget this means being able to remember and recall certain moments or situations you lived without being attached emotionally to them, without letting them control how you feel right now. Stop letting your mind wander in future scenarios and focus on the present moment, if you have a plan or goal you´re working on you can create images on your mind of the end result, how would you look and live when you achieve that goal. Every time you catch yourself wondering on negative thoughts whether it´s from past or future events change those thoughts to positive ones and think about your plans in a positive way.

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The goal is not to lose weight


You might be desperate looking for a program that does work, that gives you the results you´re looking for and even when I can tell you exactly what to do to achieve your weight loss goal the first step is to change the goal.

Losing weight is important, the more fat you need to lose the more important it is, we´ve talked a lot about improving body composition which means losing body fat and gaining muscle mass and maintain a healthy weight considering muscle and fat so that you end with a lean and toned and good looking physique. Having the right amount of muscle mass is key to longevity and to make sure that the quality of life is as best as possible.

When it comes to weight loss the goal is not only to lose weight, it´s to keep it off, this applies if you have some fat to lose, if you´re skinny then your priority is to gain muscle first. You don´t just want to lose weight, you want to keep it off while enjoying life, you want to feel great and do any activity you want to do, you want to feel energized and motivated, you want to love the way you look and feel and the freedom you have to enjoy life as much as possible.

We´re not only interested on looking as best as possible, we also want to build a useful physique, there´s no reason to look amazing if we can´t perform at peak, if we can´t perform daily activities with ease. To make sure you build a useful physique that also looks great the best strategy you can use is to focus on strength, getting stronger on certain exercises, the benefit of training this way is that it gets you stronger physically and mentally.

As you exercise physically if you do it the right way you´re also training your mind, you need to challenge yourself every workout and that challenge will put your mind to test, are you mentally strong enough to get through your workout? How hard can you push yourself? Remember that there are limits, you do need to go hard but you also need to know your limits and don´t let your ego get on the way, you´re exercising to get stronger not to hurt or injure yourself.

Our food choices play a more important role when it comes to weight loss, the type of diet your following, macros, quality and quantity of food all play an important role. For weight loss eating foods that keep you full longer and satisfied and that are also low in calories is the best way to maintain a calorie deficit, if your hormones and metabolism are working properly then weight loss is simple.

The benefits of losing weight impact all your health physical and mental, when people set a goal just to lose weight without having a reason why and without understanding that what they really want is to keep it off and more importantly to develop healthy habits that will lead to keeping the weight off but also improve quality of life in all areas want fast results so they waste a tone of money on programs that promise fast results without considering health and they end up making more damage to their body.

You want to lose weight because you want to improve your life, yes you want to look great but you also want to feel great, if you focus on improving the way you feel, getting stronger, improving performance and you use some strategies for each of the 4 principles of fitness then you´ll feel way better and you´ll also lose weight and this two results combine will give you the motivation you need to keep going and develop the habits you need.

We need to mention that most people only talk about exercise and diet but sleep and stress also play a huge role. If you make sure that you get enough high quality sleep every night then it will be easier for you to follow your exercise program and diet and you´ll probably see that you lose a little more weight just by getting good sleep every night.

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