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Anxiety and stress


In the last posts we´ve been talking about stress and pressure, when it´s good, when it´s bad and how we can use them to get great results in any project. As with stress, many people also consider anxiety to be bad for us. We´ve all had experience pressure, stress and anxiety but what we think of them and how we act makes a big difference.

As we saw before, stress is the result of not having control over the situation, the resources and the outcome of a situation, anxiety is fear, worry; not knowing if we´re going to be able to finish the project at time, knowing that we don´t have all the skills and knowledge, fear off uncertainty and not knowing what´s going to happen.

Anxiety is good when we´re excited about the new project or challenge and we can´t wait until the time comes, in this case anxiety helps us focus on the positive aspects, it´s easier to stay focus and the results will be best  but when we´re anxious because we´re sick or we got injured or someone close to us is sick but we don´t know exactly what´s happening and there´s not much we can do about it this type of anxiety is bad and if it is consistent it can have a negative impact in our life and health.

The fear of not knowing what´s happening or what will happen lead to anxiety and since we´re not in control of the situation it also leads to stress, there are different types of anxiety-related disorders which we´re going to see in future posts but all of them can lead to severe problems if they become consistent and we don´t treat them.

There are some action we can take to reduce anxiety that will have an impact on our entire life:

1. Reduce caffeine.- When we´re anxious if we take any form of caffeine it will make our anxiety worse like our heart rate increases, we start shaking, in some cases it can trigger panic attacks.

2. Eat healthy meals.- Food plays an important role so we need to focus on eating dishes cooked and prepared with whole, fresh ingredients and avoid processed, junk and fast foods.

3. Breathe.- Take deeps breathes and focus on inhale and exhale, pay attention to your breathing and feel your body relaxing. By taking our attention to the inhale and exhale and the sensation of our body relaxing our mind calms down.

4. Exercise.- Any type of physical activity improves our mood.

5. Practice positivity.- This is a lifestyles, it´s not only about replacing negative thoughts with positive one but about seeing the positive outcome in every situation.

As humans we all are exposed to stress, pressure and anxiety and knowing that we can´t avoid them is the first step to make a change at how we think of them, realizing that we actually need them to grow, learn, improve and keep our life exciting will make it easier but we also need to know when it´s too much of them and we need to find ways to lower them or talk to someone who can help us. Even when we share different tools in this site to help you lower them and act the best way possible it´s important that you talk with your doctor or a specialist if you see that your case is bad.

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