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An easy way to reduce stress

20 An easy way to reduce stress

Finding ways to reduce stress will help us be more productive throughout our day which leads to better results and accomplish our goals faster. We all need to realize that we´re living a fast paced world where everything in instantaneous, we want results immediately and everyone is watching our moves, social media can be really dangerous when we talk about stress.

The more tools we can use to lower and avoid stress the better we´re going to live. The points we´re going to see in this post are easier said than done but once you apply them you´ll see that you feel a lot better and that you left a lot weight behind.

1.- Realize that you can´t control everything

2.- Don´t focus on what you can´t control

3.- Focus on the things you can control

Realizing and accepting that many things in our life are out of our control, in many cases we can´t avoid them, I focus on this because we paid too much attention and focus to stuff like traffic, the weather, natural disasters, other people thoughts and actions, the economy of your country, prices going up.

We spend too much time thinking about this and other stuff that we can´t control, it´s not in our hands and the only thing it does is increase our stress, it keep us preoccupied and worried so knowing and accepting that there´s nothing we can do about it will take so much pressure from our lives.

Some of us want to be in total control of people and situations thinking at the more control we have over everything the better the results and the less chances of making mistakes but this is impossible, even when many of those situations are going to impact your life the only thing you can do is accept that they´re out of your control and if they are going to have an impact in your life find ways to make them work for you.

If you are the kind of guy who still keeps thinking that there´s something you need to do about those situations you can find ways to avoid them, for example with traffic you can get 10 minutes earlier to avoid some of that traffic.

With weather and natural disasters there´s nothing we can do, we can´t prevent them the only thing that help is knowing what to do during and after the event is what´s going to help us.

Letting go of the things we can´t control reduce our worries, anxieties and responsibilities. The best thing we can do is focus on what we can control, there´s always something we can control and something we can do to live the way we want to live. If there´s something you can´t control but that will affect you in any way find out what you can do to use that to your favor or what can you do so that it doesn´t affect you  in a negative way.

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