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Harmonize Fitness

An easy way to reduce stress


Life is hard and stressful; we all face stressful situations on a daily basis we all live with high levels of stress and think is normal. Even when we´re all exposed to stressful situations we can decide if we live stressed out or not.

Positivity has been raising over the last months and years, I see a lot of people with a positive attitude always talking about how amazing life is even when everything is falling apart, when we´re living on chaos and by being positive what they´re doing is hiding or ignoring all the uncertainty, all the fear, the pain, failure and struggle, all the stress that we all experience in life.

We can´t deny that we all go through amazing moments just as we all go through hard and tough times, it´s inevitable. It´s in this tough and stressful times that we can decide how much we will let those moments affect our day and life.

There are certain actions you can take to make sure that daily stress does not affect how you feel and do not affect your day and life. These 2 actions have to do with you, focusing on what you can do regardless of what´s going on around you.

1.- Focus on what you can control.- There are so many things going on every moment of every day and in most cases we don´t have control over what´s going on, we don´t have control of the situation, in this case the only thing you can control is how you respond or react here is where point 2 comes into play. If you do have control over what´s going on meaning there´s something you can do to improve the situation then remain as calm as possible so that you can think clearly and come with the best solution, then take action.

2.- Control your thoughts and emotions.- It all starts by being calm and living in the present. Most of the times when something goes wrong our when we´re on uncertainty our brain starts creating all kind of negative results and scenarios, it´s great at focusing on the worst outcome and this only increases anxiety and stress. By remaining calm you are able to think clearly and concentrate on what´s actually going on right now without creating future negative scenarios that may not even happen. Being able to remain calm or calm yourself gives you the opportunity to step back, take some time and analyze everything that is going on and think clearly. Sometimes you don´t need to take action, doing nothing is actually the best you can do.

Controlling your thoughts and emotions is the hardest step you can do but will improve your life dramatically in all areas, it requires self-awareness, knowing your body, being aware of how you feel when you are in a calm and relax state and how you feel when you´re anxious or stressed or when you react to something or someone.

Most of the time we suffer a lot more thanks to our mind, it´s amazing at creating negative scenarios for every situation all these unreal thoughts create fear, anxiety and stress. Most of us let our mind wander whether on the past or the future instead of concentrating on the present. We must accept the past, take what we can learn from it and let it go, this doesn´t mean that you need to forget this means being able to remember and recall certain moments or situations you lived without being attached emotionally to them, without letting them control how you feel right now. Stop letting your mind wander in future scenarios and focus on the present moment, if you have a plan or goal you´re working on you can create images on your mind of the end result, how would you look and live when you achieve that goal. Every time you catch yourself wondering on negative thoughts whether it´s from past or future events change those thoughts to positive ones and think about your plans in a positive way.

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