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Amber glasses to improve sleep


Is it hard for you to get enough high-quality sleep every night? Do you find it hard to fall asleep fast? You may know by now that getting high quality sleep every night is crucial for optimal health and performance so finding tools or strategies to help you improve the quality and quantity of sleep is beneficial.

On the last post about sleep we talk about the negative impact that blue light has on quality and quantity of sleep, blue light is the light emitted by screens of electronic devices and we also need to consider that we´re not following the wake-sleep cycle that goes with nature.

When we´re exposed to blue light especially in the night when the sun sets the circadian rhythm gets out of sync and our brain doesn´t produce melatonin to fall asleep so the best step you can take is avoid electronic devices but since this is difficult for most of us then using amber glasses is a good option.

Amber glasses have demonstrated through research to be effective at blocking blue light leading to improvements in the quality and quantity of sleep and helping restore the circadian rhythm and production of melatonin.

Amber glasses have increased popularity in the last years thanks to being effective at blocking blue light while making it possible for us to maintain our normal activities, but this doesn´t mean that we can´t binge watching a documentary o series or that we can keep playing video games or checking social media or e-mail late night.

These glasses are an effective tool we can use when we need to get something done, when we need to finish a project and we need to stay up late in front of our computer finishing the last details.

Spending too much time in front of a computer or electronic device can also affect your eyes, some people may have blurry vision or even headaches. Even when some people say that amber glasses don´t work and it´s all a marketing strategy, there´s researching showing that they are effective.

For me it all comes down to how much time you spend in front of a computer or any electronic device, if you spend 6 to 7 hours or more per day then using amber glasses to block blue light especially in the afternoon and night then they will be beneficial.

To get enough high-quality sleep we want to mimic the cycles of nature and make sure that the circadian rhythm in in sync and send our brain and body the right messages through the eyes. Getting sunlight exposure in the morning sends the signal to our body that it´s day time and we need to be awake and darkness late afternoon when the sun starts to set sends the signal to our body that it´s time to produce melatonin to sleep so if we´re not able to turn off all electric devices when the sun goes down we can use amber glasses to block blue light from the screens.

If you can turn off electric devices some days of the week like weekends, if you can turn off the computer, laptop, tablet do it. Also avoid checking social media and email when you are already on bed a couple of minutes before you want to fall asleep. Amber glasses are a tool we can use to help us block blue light when we need to be in front of the computer finishing a project but if we can turn them off then we should take advantage of those moments to get high quality sleep.

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