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Advanced training techniques, when and how to use them

24 Advance techniques how and when to use them

For people starting out it´s not necessary to use advanced training techniques that can cause you an injury, all this techniques are there to help you get more results as you get more advanced.

Advanced techniques like  supersets, giant sets, drop sets, rest pause have become popular on gyms and personal trainers include them into their workouts even for beginners, and many guys who want to get in great shape but know nothing about fitness go to the internet and download some free programs or paid for some shredding programs that are not the best option for them, there´s nothing wrong with using this techniques if you use them properly.

Advance techniques increase muscle growth by recruiting more muscle fibers and emphasizing on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy which is one type of muscle growth, this will give you a bigger pump leading to faster results.

When you use advanced techniques for those last reps you´re not focusing on perfect form, your goal is to do more reps while still maintaining good posture and avoiding injuries.

Not all exercises are recommended for advanced techniques, for most of them you´ll need a workout partner to help you and they cannot be used in all rep ranges, the goal of this techniques is hypertrophy or muscle growth, if your goal is power or strength you most not used any of the technique just focused on the right rep range.

If you train with the right intensity and volume you may not need to use this techniques to achieve your goals for a long period of time, you can design your program and include some one week every two or three weeks to add variation and as a way to shock your body.

If you go to a gym you´ll see that almost all guys whether they´re training with a fitness trainer or they´re working out by themselves almost all of them use advance techniques. This techniques work and even when I´m not all towards them, they still have their space.

Use one technique at a time, some guys want results fast so they use all techniques with high volume and high frequency which leads to injury, don´t try the impossible, slow and steady always wins the race when it comes to building muscle, it is faster to lose fat than to gain muscle and it´s better to stay as lean as possible while gaining muscle mass.

Some of this advanced techniques can be use to gain muscle and also to burn fat, techniques like giant sets are amazing to raise your metabolism and burn fat, if you hate cardio you can follow a program based on giant sets or circuit training to help you get ripped without doing cardio.

I consider supersets, drop sets, rest pause and failure training as techniques you can use to shock your body and increase gains and giant sets and circuit training as techniques that help you burn fat.

My approach to fitness and everything in life is to keep things simple, the more variables and training techniques you want to use at the same time the more complicated your workout program gets. If you´ve been training for many years then yes you need to make your workouts more complex but you have a lot more knowledge of most of the things we´re talking. If you are new to all this stuff you don´t need to stress out, just stick with the training variables and get stronger on bodyweight and compound movements.

For the last months I´ve been using some of this advance technique to lean down, specially super sets, also they are a great option when your goal is to maintain your weight because you can have more fun and keep changing things without worrying about achieving any goal that needs a more structure plan.

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