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Advanced training techniques: Rest pause

27 Rest pause

Another advanced technique that can take your workouts to another level with great results. Knowing which techniques you can use to avoid hitting plateaus and to add variation to your workouts when you´ve been training for some years is always beneficial.

Rest pause is another technique to get more of your workouts, to get the pump you´re looking for and to make sure you get every single rep possible done. In this technique you start your set of around 12 to 15 reps, you go to failure and rest 10 to 15 seconds and immediately you do some more reps, as the name say, you´re doing a pause after you hit failure, take a breath or a little rest and hit the weight again, this next time you go to failure again, you won´t be able to hit 12 reps or the rep range you´re working and it´s not the goal, what you want is to do 4 or 5 more reps, which at the end of your workout those reps means more work done and more gains.

This technique is mostly used with failure training in a 10 to 15 rep range, it´s hard and not recommended to use it for less reps when you´re working on strength or power cause it can lead to injuries.

Being an advanced technique, guys starting out training don´t need to use it but as you get more trained this technique along with failure are the best option to incorporate in your workout programs. Actually failure training and rest pause can be considered intermediate techniques that work incredible.

You don´t need to use this technique on every exercise on every set, it´s not necessary to overload the muscle with so much volume that is hard to recover from. You can use it in on your last exercise for each muscle group. The goal is to add more work and add some of this techniques to keep your body guessing.

I like to call all this advanced or intermediate techniques “shocking techniques”, the best way to get advantage from them is to use one at a time and keep changing them, you don´t need to use them on all of your workouts, you can design a training program that don´t use any of them for the first 3 to 4 weeks and on the next two weeks use one of this techniques.

With all this techniques you may be asking which one is better? They´re all great, you don´t need to use them all, you may like one of them or you may feel more comfortable with one or two of them, use the ones that you like, you can try them all and see which ones gives you better results, which one you like doing or which one you can do alone, for some of this techniques you may need a partner to help you with the weight in some exercises or you don´t want to do a set and then stand up to lower the weight and continue with the sets like in drop sets.

I consider it´s better to have all the information we need and be able to create and design our own programs, the one that works best for each of us and that´s based on what we love and what works, that´s my goal, to give you all the information you need, to share with you the best tools you can use so that you can design your own workouts according to your goals.

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