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Advanced training techniques: Dropsets

26 drop sets

For the last training posts we´ve been talking about training techniques which are very useful to add variety to our workouts and to increase the intensity.

A technique that is highly used in the gyms is drop sets. In this technique you start with a weight you can lift for the amount of reps you want to hit and when you hit that number and get to failure you reduce the weight and do more reps and you don´t take rests in between, only the time it takes you to lower the weight if you´re working alone. You can reduce weight 2 or 3 times, the goal is to add more reps in that set so as you increase reps you are increasing the work and intensity of the workout.

This technique can be seen as the harder version of failure, you do your set and immediately you lower the weight to do more reps without rest, you hit failure and lower the weight and do more reps without rest.

If you´ve been looking for ways to shock the muscles this techniques is helpful, by placing more stress on the muscles for longer period of time you are increasing the intensity than with traditional sets, this technique is useful when your goal is hypertrophy.

I recommend you use this technique on your last set for each exercise, if you are doing 4 exercises per muscle group you only use this technique on the last set, if you use it on every set it will be so much stress for the muscles.

I consider this technique to be the most demanding so if you´re starting with resistance training I don´t recommend it, using straight sets is the way to go for a period of time until you get comfortable with the exercises and using weight.

This one is more effective for people who have been training with weights for a long period of time and want to take their workouts to a new level at least for a period of time. If you are one of them you also need to start slow with this technique and keep increasing with time, you can start by doing just one drop set in the last sets of one exercise only per muscle group, then you can do drop sets in 2 exercises and keep increasing until you are doing drop sets for each exercise.

If your goal is just to get the best physique possible and maintain it effortless you don´t need a lot of advanced techniques, this one may not be part of your workouts. Many of us have a 9 to 5 job but we want to get an amazing physique and sustain it effortless in our busy schedule. The goal is to look great and feel great.

If your goal is to get the best physique possible or you want to compete as a bodybuilder then you need to use some advance techniques that are going to level you up so that you can improve your physique, for this drop sets are one of those amazing tools you can use, you can start using it at the end of your workouts.

This technique delivers great results to get “the pump”, it helps you gain muscle faster, so you need to consider your goal and the type of hypertrophy you are looking for, compound and isolation exercises are both good options to use here.

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