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Achieving our goals depends of us

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When we set a goal most of the time we already know what we need to do, at least at the beginning and the only thing we need to do is take action, achieving any goal depends of ourselves, if we don´t take action we´ll never achieve anything.

We can share all the tools you need and everything you need to know about fitness, health and success but if you don´t take action the information we give you is useless.

We can have all the information, the best plan and the best ideas but without the work nothing´s going to happen. Action and execution is what get us closer to our goals and the reason why we don´t take action is because of limiting beliefs, low self confidence we don´t keep ourselves accountable all that is holding us back.

What we need to do is increase self confidence, accountability and the belief in ourselves for this we can follow the next steps:

1. Set small goals.- We need to start with small goals that help us increase our confidence, every small goal we achieve will keep us accountable and motivate us to work for something bigger.

2. Choose a new choice you want to make every single day.- There are some habits that we need to change to make any goal sustainable so we need to decide which habits we want to change and for that we need to make a different choice, choose one and do it for at least a month before you take another one. For example waking up 30 minutes earlier every day to take a walk.

We need to focus on progress and not perfection, taking action consistently over a period of time will give us amazing results, it doesn´t matter how small the action is we need to start somewhere.

We can all achieve great things in life the only reason why we don´t get them is lack of action and that lack of action is based on limiting beliefs, excuses which normally are based on fears. We cannot let our dreams die when we got everything we need to go for them, it´s going to be hard, it´s going to be painful but the reward is worthy.

If you have a dream set is as goal and create a plan of action then start working on it. I talk on other posts about taking massive action, you can take massive action with even a small daily activities like waking up earlier and going for a walk, it all starts by developing habits that are going to make our results sustainable in a simple way.

If we have dreams and goals we are the ones who need to work on them, those are our goals not anyone else’s, we need to start working on our dreams so that in some point in the future we can stop working for someone else’s dreams.

If our goals are important enough for us, if they move us emotionally then we will make everything we need, it´s easy to concentrate and work hard when we have a clear end result that motivate us, nothing and no one can stop us and even when we fail we´ll learn from that failure and get up stronger with more wisdom to keep moving forward.

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