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Wanting to lose weight and get in amazing shape is hard if you don´t know what to do and how to do it. If you´ve tried to lose weight and fail you may feel frustrated, disappointed, angry, tired, you may feel like a failure, but you´re not alone, I´ve felt that same way too. It gets confusing and overwhelming with all the lies and myths out there and all the programs promising fast and quick results that go as fast as they come and cause more harm and damage to the body. You can lose weight, you can get in amazing shape and sustain it, if you have the right information and do what´s right.

For the past years as I was trying to lose weight and get in shape I was researching as much as possible, reading books, magazines, listening to podcasts, interviews, everything I could about fitness, health, diet, exercise. I was trying different programs and diets which in many cases are contradict each other. I got to a point where I was understanding how everything works and finding out the real truth, what really works and what doesn´t but it all comes with a cost, and that cost is a lot of wasted time and effort it was trial and error. There´s so much information out there, most of it are lies and myths and we end confused and overwhelmed not knowing what to do.

After all these years I had all this information and knowledge in my head that is worth sharing. That´s why we started Harmonize Fitness, to share with you all this information, the truth, no lies, no myths, no filters (well maybe some occasionally when I´m having fun but I´ll let you know when I use filters), we won´t be editing any videos that much, just an intro, subtitles and make it as simple as possible. All you have to do is put in the hard work and effort, the commitment and I guarantee you the results will amaze you. We started this site for you, to help you achieve your goals. The power of fitness is that it not only helps you lose weight, we work on the 5 principles of fitness to make sure that your productivity and performance is at peak every single day, that you feel motivated, inspired and full of energy to do what you need to do to achieve your goals but also, building an amazing physique increases self-confidence and develops a strong mindset, the kind of mindset you need to go through all the struggles.

We need to develop a strong mindset that help us go through hard times, we need to realize that it´s going to be hard and the times we´re living make it harder we´re surrounded with so many processed and refined foods high in sugar and unhealthy vegetable oils, we live with high levels of stress, lack or por quality sleep and lack of exercise. It´s time that you take charge of your life and commit to develop healthy habits that Will improve your life. Getting in amazing shape is just the beginning and the 5 principles of fitness give you the base from where everything else is built on.

Every dream you have can become reality if you believe in yourself, work hard and do the right thing. For any goal we want to achieve in our life we need to pay a price, hard work, concentration, sacrifice. If you´re willing to pay the price, to work hard and make some sacrifices then you can achieve anything you want, whatever you set your mind to.

All it takes is a decision and commitment to change your life and reach your potential so if you´re ready to make that change make sure to follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) you are capable of achieving any goal you set so we´ll be sharing with you everything you need to know about food, exercise, mindset, stress and sleep so that you can get in amazing shape and sustain it effortlessly while enjoying life as much as possible and reaching your potential. We got everything you need in one site.

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Disclaimer.- The information presented on www.harmonizefitness.com along with our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) is for informational and educational purposes only. None of the information presented is intended to treat or diagnose any medical or nutritional illness. We recommend you see your health care professional.