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For the past years, unhealthy lifestyles and diet related diseases have increased, obesity and overweight just got worst, some people focus too much on extreme diets and the fights on which diet is best, from high carbohydrate to ketogenic or vegan seems to be more important than actually focusing on what matters.

The industry and companies are making everything harder than it is, the system is wrong. Companies keep making bigger packages full of sugar, there´re so many commercial weight loss programs which aren´t healthy and there´re so many magic powders and pills to help you achieve your weight loss goals or any other fitness goal which actually don´t work.

Some years ago most of the food we ate was fresh and local and portion sizes were smaller, people moved a lot more during the day and levels of stress were lower now most of the food we eat is highly processed full of sugar and chemicals and portion sizes are bigger, we spend most of our day sitting and chronic stress has become normal.

Some years ago people cooked at home and eating those meals cooked with fresh and local ingredients at the table brought family together. This doesn´t happen anymore, social media is getting us closer to the ones far from us but is separating us from the ones beside us.

There are so many things we´re doing wrong nowadays, there´s too much processed and fast food full of sugar, it´s everywhere and there´s not enough fresh food, we´re losing the tradition of cooking at home with our family and sitting at the table to share stories.

We spend most our day stressed out whether it´s school, our job or traffic and we don´t get enough good quality sleep every night, we barely do some physical activity and we don´t take some time for ourselves, we need to take care of ourselves first so that we can take care of the ones we love.

If our lifestyles are the ones causing health problems we need to make some changes, developing good healthy habits is what´s going to make it simple and effortless for us to get in amazing shape and sustain it.

Many of us get obsessed with losing weight fast, we follow programs based on extreme diets and workouts for a period of time and when we break the rules or do something we´re not allow to we feel guilty and like failure and those feelings of failure, guilt, shame are the ones who lead to binge eating and overeating. Those are the ones keeping us away from achieving our goals and living the life we deserve.

There´s no reason to follow extreme low calorie diets for just a period of time specially if we´re eating unhealthy foods, the goal must be to make better choices and make those better choices a habit.

There´s not a perfect diet, there´s not a perfect workout, there´s not a one size fits all, we´re all different and we all need to find what works best for us, we all need to find the tools or choices that we can sustain for a lifetime by developing them as habits, this is what´s going to give us the results we´re looking for, this is what´s going to make it possible for us to sustain those results, if we want to be successful we need to develop the habits that will lead us to success.

The problem is that there´s not a class in school about a healthy lifestyle, they don´t teach us about nutrition, what we can find on books, magazines and the internet is a tone of information some of them lies, myths and it´s contradicting so we end up confused not knowing what to do.

We profoundly believe that it´s possible to live a better life while enjoying every single moment of it as much as possible, we believe that keeping things simple, effective, universal and timeless  is the way to go, we prefer to keep things old school and stick with the basics.

Our philosophy is based on the 5 principles of fitness, those 5 principles are: Nutrition, Training, Mindset, Sleep and Stress. How our philosophy works is simple, develop good habits for each of the 5 principles.

Our goal with this site is to help you and as many people as possible live a better life by sharing all the information you need to know from the 5 principles in a simple way so that you understand how things work and we´ll share different tools and strategies you can use for each of the 5 principles of fitness, all you have to do is try each tool for a couple of weeks and see if it´s possible to make it part of your life, if you feel like it doesn´t work that well try another tool. You need to take at least 1 tool or strategy for each principle and develop it as a habit so that in a couple of months your lifestyle is based on good habits.

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