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Harmonize Fitness

3 simple steps to start your weight loss journey.


Since obesity and overweight are increasing it´s clear for me that we´re doing something wrong. There are so many different weight loss programs and diets out there but the obesity epidemic just keep climbing and there are more people struggling with their weight and also the emotional and mental impact.

Lets ne honest, most fitness experts and gurus sell you their weight loss program claiming that it´s the best you´ll find in the entire world, the one that gives you the best results, the fitness industry sells you magic powders and pills for weight loss claiming that those do miracles and will help you achieve that lean and sexy physique you want without too much effort from your part. Just take this powder or this pill and you´ll lose weight while you can eat all the snacks and unhealthy meals you want and you don´t need to exercise. To make everything worse some of these supplements can have a negative impact on your health on the long run. Unfortunately, I need to tell you that all this are lies. There are some supplements that are effective but are focused on maintaining optimal health and we´ll talk about them on a future post.

The fitness industry keep doing everything as harder as possible and over complicating things to make you believe that you need to buy those weight loss programs and you need to buy the supplements. Weight loss is simple, even when I´ve mentioned that it is more complicated than just “eat less – move more” or “calories in – calories out” when you understand the basics of how things work you´ll see that it´s actually simple.

To prove that weight loss is simple and that you don´t need to buy any weight loss program or weight loss supplement here are 3 simple steps you can start following today and if you stick to them you´ll get results in a couple of weeks:

1.- Avoid all highly processed foods that contain unhealthy seed oils and added sugars.- Many people on the industry talk about sugar but unhealthy seed oils are also a huge problem and most processed foods contain seeds oils like canola, sunflower, etc; (we´ll talk about them in a future post). All this unhealthy oils are harmful for our body so make sure you´re avoiding them. Also make sure you avoid sugar this means you need to read labels and pay close attention to the ingredients part.

2.- Go for a 15 minute walk in the morning before breakfast and a 15 minute walk at night.- Increasing physical activity is a great way to improve your health, to feel better and to help you lose weight (considering you´re eating less).

3.- Do some bodyweight exercises.- At any time of the day do 10 squats, 10 push ups and 10 crunches. If you can´t do 10 then do 5, if you can´t do normal squats or push ups then do an easier variation (here´s an easier variation you can start with).

Our goal with this 3 simple steps is to start improving your health so that your hormones and metabolism start working properly and in harmony and to keep you moving. We´ve mentioned that weight loss is not only about eating less and moving more, you need to make sure that your body is working properly by avoiding foods and ingredients that disrupt the optimal function and that you give your body the right message through exercise, and to this you add the eat less and move more.

You need to be eating less of the right foods and doing the right type of exercise if you want to make your results sustainable in a simple and enjoyable way. Give this 3 steps a try for a couple of weeks and let us know what happen, share your results down below and on Twitter.

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